Logan- Film Review


Logan” is directed by James Mangold and features the last adventure of an old, tired and rusty Wolverine. First of all, this movie is brutal, the R-rating is used here at its maximum capacity and it actually works with the overall tone displayed throughout the film. In my opinion, this element offers the film a realistic feeling; blood, violence and gore represent a character and this choice gives more meaning to what happens on the screen. Nevertheless, this film is so much more than just an action flick as it also holds a depressing and impactful emotional load.

The plot is pretty straight-forward. The main focus here is Wolverine, played one last time by Hugh Jackman, who basically has to escort a girl from point A to point B and also to protect her from some bad guys. At first, Logan is portrayed as an emotionally broken man because he is tired; he got to that point where the only reasonable solution seems to be death, but the connection with the little girl gives him a purpose. These two characters represent the backbone of the film; everything revolves around them and as their relationship develops they start to understand different aspects of their nature.

From a structural point of view, the film is divided in three acts; the first and third one come as the strengths while the second act drags and represents the weakest aspect of the film. After the introduction, the originally imposed tone shifts and everything becomes a road trip movie. I do not have a problem with this choice of storytelling, but the new characters are not as compelling as the main ones and the events featured here don’t exactly match with what is displayed before and after. However though, the film trusts its own audience patience and reassures them that the whole act is designed to establish the relationship between the two main leads.

Hugh Jackman does probably the best interpretation of this iconic role yet. This film gives him the opportunity to illustrate a dramatic side by focusing more on the internal changes rather than opting for an expressive method of acting. It can be noticed that this character left a significant impact on the actor, especially in the human and realistic details of which he brings to his portrayal. Patrick Stewart also returns to his rendition of Professor X by exemplifying more emotions and feelings, which makes him a key element of the film.

In the end, “Logan” offers a satisfactory conclusion to an iconic character by combining action with drama in a brutal, but at the same time, meaningful way. There are some flaws throughout the second act that may come across as unpleasant for some of the audience members. In essence however, “Logan” is a very entertaining action drama that features the last chapter in the gripping story of a hero.


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